Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Dearest Apologies!

OK - I know we have failed miserably in keeping this blog going. Over the past year, the team has tried and tried and tried and well - I'm not sure we all tried hard enough. In August 2010 we had set out to start writing just five to seven entries a month and well three months have gone by and now we have successfully managed to stockpile a few entries. We are committed to making this happen. I have a philosophy in growing the business and much of it has to do with accountability. Say what you intend to do and then write it down. I am now saying out loud, "I am committed to this blog" and I am writing down my commitment and sharing it with all those who care to keep me on track. I can't promise to write every day, but I will try to write at least several times a month. If you would like a rant on a specific topic, feel free to leave a comment.

By way of introductions, I'm Leanne King, Owner and President of SeeKing HR. I started the company four years ago and we have been steadily growing in our consulting services. Jennifer "Jenn" Swisher, Director of HR Services, joined the firm in April 2011 and she has nearly 15 years experience specializing in recruitment, selection, employee development and HR program management. Jenn's industry experience includes healthcare and manufacturing. Most recently, we added Crystal Krueger, HR Advisor, to the team. Crystal has about 8 years HR Generalist experience. She has a wealth of knowledge in staffing large scale construction projects. Crystal also brings medical billing and office management expertise to the firm. Laura LaChaussee, Marketing & Communications Manager, has been with the firm since 2009. Laura is highly experienced in corporate branding, proposal design and social media. Darla Zaiontz, Accountant, provides our administration and accounting support. She is a wizard in Excel.

We all work flexible schedules - so feel free to leave a reply anytime day or night..

I really hope that over the next several weeks and months we can all find our voice and a routine to post more timely entries. Your encouragement is welcome.

- Leanne King

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