Monday, December 19, 2011

Job Searching: Should I take Any Job to Have a Job?

Work is work, right? Well, sort of.

Being employed to meet your financial obligations and provide for your family is so very different than having a career or a profession that you are passionate about and can't wait to wake up to do every day. So taking a job, to have a job can provide a means to an end, but may not provide you all that you are looking for in a career.

If you must work, a job that provides skills in training with a reasonable wage is the best case scenario. Continue to highlight your newly found job skills and expand on them to build a stronger resume and ultimately get a better job leading to hire wages. Sometimes taking a job that is just completely outside of your skill set provides you personal satisfaction and can be equally beneficial.

Volunteering, while unpaid, can strengthen your skills and help you build numerous networking relationships. Taking a job to learn a new trade, make business connections and increase your exposure or awareness to a particular industry are all great reasons to take a job.

The caution with taking any job, especially one where the money seems too good to be true - it probably is. Taking a job just for the money, comes at a cost; a cost that you may not immediately see. When considering a position be sure to evaluate responsibilities, areas of authority, working hours, location, benefits, drive time, the people you would be working with, etc.

The best advice is to take a job ONLY if you have to. Patience and perseverance will ensure that the right job will eventually come along.

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