Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interviewing Basics

Whether you are an employer searching for great talent or a potential employee seeking the greatest of opportunities - interviewing basics are essentially the same. Interviewers and Interviewees are both nervous. The interviewer wants to make a good hire. The interviewee wants to land a job. Here are few strategies that can help you regardless of which chair you occupy during the interview process.

• Greet the other person with a warm and friendly smile, introducing yourself by stating your first and last name.

• Shake hands firmly, web to web, hold for several seconds and release.
[Gentleman] - no death grip.

[Ladies] - practice shaking hands with another man; this will help you get comfortable with the grasp and appropriate squeeze. Never use the fingertip handshake unless you happen to be interviewing with the Queen of England - in which case don't forget to curtsy.
• Make eye contact. You don't have to have a staring contest just be sure to focus in when responding.

• Be sure to repeat the person's name throughout the interview.
• Remember to breathe . . . it's just an interview.

Keep in mind that interviewing is just a conversation. The objective is to learn about the other person/company. The easiest way to learn about another person is through relevant dialogue - questions and answers.

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